Create exquisite wedding atmosphere

The exquisite wedding to create a wedding atmosphere REVIEW: flowers, candlelight, early communication, make full use of these props to create a wedding atmosphere or elegant or warm.

New upcoming wedding, wedding companies are generally required to select the wedding venue, wedding form. If the couple wants wedding DIY, create a personalized and unique atmosphere of the wedding, usually should pay attention to the following steps:

Step one: the wedding ceremony to the emotions the main line

After all, marriage is a serious matter, and the friends and family of both parents will be present, so do not be too funny, so parents pocketed face.

Step two: the full supervision of the wedding planner

The wedding is in fact a very professional activities, so I want to leave a good memory, would be for one pair of wedding planning, wedding process, is very familiar with the wedding planner to do the full supervision of the related industries.

Step three: the unity of the wedding style

If you determine the style of your wedding, it is necessary to unify every detail. Starting from the invitations, to use red Chinese wedding invitations, Western wedding is best to use white or pink. Wedding day, the bridesmaid's dress color, bride's bouquet, groom tie the tone should reunification.

Step four: Wedding in creating the mood

Flowers, candlelight, cold fireworks, through early communication, take full advantage of these props to create or elegant or warm wedding atmosphere.

Step five: Note the wedding security

Development of their route, pay attention to accessibility; Mars scattered to avoid the use of fireworks in the venue; arches and stage structures should pay attention to stability. In addition, we should focus on child custody good wedding scene, both to prevent them naughty trouble, but also to protect their personal safety.

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