Wet Wedding: The Bride Thrown Into The Water US

United States there is a tradition called the wedding destruction in the end, very popular in recent years. Together to find ways to give them handsome and beautiful wedding dress toss horrendous. The bride Lysa obviously do not know her husband would be so cruel girls thrown into the water, and ultimately her wedding soaked through. Groom Richard Hay is simply a belly black male, obviously wanted to make a romantic wedding, but was he reversed to become a prank. He bride shuffled around to the front, and threw her in the cold waters.

On the beach with all the family to be together I feel really good, there are hordes of people watching us, we can also enjoy a picnic happy. "She added:" I thought that Richard will certainly bride Lysa said: catch me, but who knows he should not, I drink at least three sea, I could barely breath but worst of all, until I found out that my clothes completely transparent. "Fortunately, the bride the Lysa received this conspiracy wedding, and she was very happy to see this unusual wedding video and photos. She said: "People run out of the wedding after the it is a good collection, will not wear again, this is very unfortunate, but we do have such a great experience, choked is worth it."

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